As the new year begins…the bee in my bonnet has started to buzz even louder. I almost had to pinch myself…as this month marks ten years in business for Jamie Rae Hats! I feel so lucky to wake up each day to the MOST adorable images of babies wearing their Jamie Rae Hats.

Over the last ten years Jamie Rae Hats has become a favorite among moms and babies across the globe. I am always elated when I get an email or FB comment from a customer complimenting our brand. When I pick up the phone at work…customers will sometimes say…”Is this Jamie in the Jamie Rae?” It makes me blush and laugh…..but I have to admit, makes me feel extremely proud!

I have a team that works hard every day to put out the best possible product and customer service that they can. I have customers that spread the word  and are so loyal. I have a family that supports me and the time it takes to maintain a growing company.

I have plans to introduce a new product this year and would will continue to connect with parents all over the country. We will continue our kindness movement as well! Our customers offer us invaluable information and we truly appreciate it!

I pride myself on being an ENTREPRENEUR! The road has been long, hard, educational & fun! The biggest thing I have learned is that 10 years did not come without a LOT of determination, self-discipline and effort.

To all of those who have an idea…go for it! Invest in yourself and you can receive the biggest reward. For me it is pride & a flexible schedule, that allows me to experience my kids and everything they are involved in.

#lovemyjob #lovehats #entrepreneur


Love, Jamie Rae