Despite several, all-be-it flattering, attempts by others to reinvent the original flower baby hat, Jamie Rae has managed to lead this little industry niche and remain the “top hat”. How has she survived an unprecedented economic disadvantage and actually grow her entrepreneurial garden gallery? Organically, of course! Jamie Rae Hats was started with a brilliant idea and a bootstrap approach, both of which took amazing and unwavering resolve. Jamie understood from the start how important it is to tend to the customer and knew the roots of her garden would only grow as deep and widespread as her own commitment. A family legacy, not to be confused with your typical garden variety e-commerce business, being carefully cultivated through a conservative management style combined with cutting edge creativity, all her own. Outside influence was left out of the business strategy affording the slow, steady growth, deep strong roots require. It’s been 8 years now and this business of budding beauties has weathered everything from the driest drought to wild winds and stormy skies, but that organically grown customer base has held her ground and rooted all the more as a known and trusted brand. It’s been a journey driven by fierce passion and relentless creative energy, without the need for corporate mentality, dividends, acquisitions or mergers. Self-sustained growth requires the giving and taking of time, a luxury the get rich quick mentality never affords itself. That time provides opportunity to create culture and balance, a working harmony, if you will. It’s an American business dream still in the making but for the sake of the rhyme and reason of it all, I’ll leave you with this…
Maybe someday someone will ask
Or maybe no one will ever ask why
She’s chosen the seeds she has sown,
But know from the start
She started out smart
With her garden organically grown!